It won’t be the traditional summer fair, but the Yorkton Exhibition Association has announced a fun weekend for mid-July.

YEA will host the Eastern Professional Chariot and Chuckwagon Association’s Chariot & Chuckwagon races from July 16-18 in the new Legacy Co-op grandstand.

“We usually held cart and chuckwagon races in conjunction with our Yorkton Exhibition Association’s annual summer show,” said spokeswoman Barb Woytas.

This year, the YEA canceled the fair some time ago due to COVID-19 restrictions that were still in effect when the fair had to book attractions.

But now that the COVID restrictions are lifted, Woytas said when they got the chance to host a racing weekend they jumped on it.

“It’s just fantastic that we had this weekend,” she said. “And we’re doubly excited to do so in our brand new Legacy Co-op grandstand.”

With the races booked as the basis for a weekend of fun, Woytas said the association has already rolled out some additional features, starting with a “Taste of the Fair” food truck event. She said they have already booked half a dozen trucks to attend and expect up to 10 by the event weekend.

The food trucks will be on the YEA site from July 15th to 18th.

“So you can come by and get your favorite food at the fair and not miss the part of the fair that everyone loves,” said Woytas.

On Friday evening, July 16, Lenny and the Gypsies will also perform after the races and offer an open-air cabaret with a beer garden.

“It will be more of an event to socialize and come together,” said Woytas.

While not a full show, Woytas said the YEA is just happy to be back and entertaining the city.

“We’re just looking forward to bringing everyone back together,” she said, adding that the YEA motto is “Bringing Friends & Neighbors Together”.

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