The Galleries & Bookstores in Library SquareLocated at 401 President Clinton Avenue, the company recently launched What’chu Eatin ‘Wednesday, which has a different food truck on Rock Street between the parking level entrance and Bobby L. every Wednesday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Roberts Library is parked by Arkansas History & Art. Follow the schedule on Facebook to schedule updates. (The bookstore moved from their previous home in the Cox building in January.)

Today’s food truck is Lili’s, a local startup owned by a former military family from California that serves traditional Mexican dishes. We plan to go down there for lunch and will get back to you.

Save your receipt and get a 10% discount on used books in the bookstore for up to a week after the purchase date. For more information on events in Library Square, or if you are a food truck owner interested in a facility, contact Lily Kauffman at

You can sit on the steps that lead to the gallery and bookstore while you wait for your order, or better yet, use your food truck receipt and get 10% off a “soft read” book from the bookstore.

We went with the California Burrito with Short Rib Birria meat. The burrito had a nice texture and was grilled on all sides. It was filled with french fries, short ribs, guacamole, and pico de gallo. I’m at my desk right now and try not to eat in the second half. It’s a great combination of fresh and greasy flavors.

California burrito

We also got the cochinita tacos (slow fried pork, cooked in citrus juices and ancho pepper seeds) along with nopales (cactus tacos) served with rice and beans. According to Lili, the cochinita comes from an ancient Mayan recipe. Served on blue corn tortillas and topped with a generous amount of the green, avocado-heavy sauce and a dash of the very, very hot sauce, it was one of the most distinctive and delicious tacos we’ve had in a while. The nopales was great too.