A touching tribute to the victims of last week’s terrible crane collapse in Kelowna, BC, was held on Friday at Site C Dam in northern BC, which is under construction

Four major construction companies working on the dam project known as the Aecon Flatiron Dragados EBC partnership observed a minute’s silence.

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Kelowna crane collapse: crowd gathers for the vigil on Friday evening

There were two work stoppages, one at 11:00 a.m. and one at 11:00 p.m., so that all workers could stop and reflect on the tragedy that left five people dead.

Site C Power Plant and Spill Project workers paid a touching tribute in memory of the five men who lost their lives in the tragedy of the Kelowna, BC crane collapse.

Courtesy: Troy Van Bostelen / Submitted

Nine tower cranes aimed their booms at Kelowna and sounded their horns five times at the same time.

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Questions about crane safety measures

Questions about crane safety measures

“The construction industry is … there is a camaraderie, there is a community and hard working people who support their families and take pride in what they do. So when you see an incident like this, even if you may not know the people personally, we work with people like that every day, so it hits very close, ”said communications manager Troy Van Bostelen.

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Van Bostelen was present at the ceremony and said the moment of silence was a stark contrast to the usual busy construction site.

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Crane collapse in Kelowna: First dismantling phase completed, evacuation order changed

“It was emotional. If you think about the construction site five minutes in advance, there is a lot of noise, there is drilling and hammering, it is a typical construction site and then the silence really hit me, and then the sound of the horns broke. ”He said.

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Manitoba man among the victims of the crane collapse in Kelowna

Manitoba man among the victims of the crane collapse in Kelowna

A vigil organized by the North Okanagan Labor Council was also held on Friday evening. About 300 people were present.

Flowers were laid at the scene to commemorate brothers Eric and Patrick Stemmer, Jared Zook, Cailen Vilness and Brad Zawislak, who were killed in the collapse.

Many of the people who attended the vigil wore safety vests or fluorescent yellow in honor of the victims.

Michelle Kienas, who was in a building next to the collapse site, attended the event and said she believed she could handle the tragedy well.

But she said when she got to the vigil on Friday night, “it really hit it.”

The RCMP announced that the crane collapsed during dismantling.

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