Heavy duty VNR trucks produce no tailpipe emissions


3rd December 2020


Kate Andrews

The new Volvo VNR Electric truck has zero tailpipe emissions and is manufactured at Volvo Trucks’ North American Pulaski plant.

Volvo Trucks’ North American plant in Pulaski County will manufacture its new battery-powered VNR Electric truck model early next year, the company said on Thursday.

The Dublin plant, the largest Volvo truck plant in the world, currently employs nearly 3,000 people and builds multiple models of heavy trucks. The Volvo Class 8 VNR Electric heavy-duty truck, which will hit the North American market next year, runs on battery power and has no tailpipe emissions.

“The Volvo VNR Electric is a significant advancement in electric mobility in an industry that we are committed to leading as it is changing rapidly and significantly,” said the President of Volvo Trucks North America Peter Voorhoeve said in a statement. “Volvo Trucks believes and invests in sustainable electric mobility. Our deep understanding of the transportation ecosystem – the technology, infrastructure and applications in the trucking industry – has enabled us to deliver a solution that is both advanced and easy to own and operate. “

The truck runs on 264 kWh lithium-ion batteries that charge 80% in 70 minutes and, according to Volvo, have a range of up to 150 miles. The single axle truck has a gross weight rating of 33,200 pounds and other configurations can carry up to 66,000 and 82,000 pounds.

The electric vehicle is the result of the Volvo LIGHTS (Low Impact Green Heavy Transport Solutions) project, a collaboration between Volvo, the Air Quality Management District of California’s South Coast, and other organizations and companies to support the electrification of commercial vehicles that would reduce harmful emissions. The project included fleet trials and the development of dealer-based service and vehicle maintenance, as well as best practices for battery charging infrastructure for heavy trucks.

Earlier this year, the Volvo VNR Electric was certified by the US Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources Board, making it commercially available in all 50 states. The LIGHTS project will also be sold in 2021 such as trucks collecting data. Volvo Trucks North America received US $ 20 million in grants in October to deploy 70 VNR Electric trucks in California under the Environmental Protection Agency’s Targeted Air Shed Grant program. The vehicles will be delivered to fleet operators next year.

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