Volta Trucks, the leading manufacturer of all-electric commercial vehicles, has announced the appointment of its new CEO and Executive Chairman to advance the next phase of its corporate development.

Essa Al-Saleh was appointed CEO of Volta Trucks AB and Volta Trucks Ltd on April 12th. He is known for having the company been the very active Chairman of the Board of Directors since September 2020. Essa joined Agility Logistics from Volta Trucks, where he served as President and CEO for 13 years. During that time, Agility grew from a one-country operation with 300 employees and sales of $ 150 million to a company in more than 100 countries with 18,000 employees and sales of $ 4 billion.

At the same time, Carl-Magnus Norden, founder of Volta Trucks, has been appointed Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors and will be confirmed at the company’s upcoming Annual General Meeting with the support of its major shareholders.

Former CEO of the company, Rob Fowler, has resigned for personal reasons and remains a shareholder in the company.

Commenting on his appointment, Essa Al-Saleh said: “I am very pleased to be appointed CEO of Volta Trucks, who has been Chief Executive Officer since September. We are at a crucial moment in a major change in the automotive industry. Volta Trucks is at the heart of this transformation and is building the first all-electric large commercial vehicles that support the decarbonization of logistics and improve the city center environment for everyone. At Agility Logistics, I had the unique opportunity to turn a company into a truly global organization. It is an exciting privilege to do this a second time and I look forward to leading the company’s management team as we move to the next level in the company’s development and growth. I would like to thank Rob for his crucial efforts in leading the company for the past 14 months and bringing the Volta Zero to market, which has positioned Volta Trucks well for the next critical phase. “

Founder and Executive Chairman of the Board of Directors, Carl-Magnus Norden, added, “Volta Trucks continues to grow and grow as we move forward on our journey. I am delighted that we have gained first-class talent to support the company in our mission and achieve our goals. Having a person of Essa Al-Saleh’s caliber already in the company is proof of that. As Chairman, he has been of great benefit to me and the Board of Directors, and I am delighted that we can now use his experience and skills as CEO to continue building on our exciting plans. “