A truck crane overturned and crashed into the roof of a California couple’s home while carrying metal girders over the house on Monday. According to the report, the beams should be used to install solar panels. According to officials, no one was injured after the accident.

Magda Kispal, who owns the house with her husband John Kerwin, told CW subsidiary KTLA they were inside when the crane sped through their roof.

“It was a terrible movement and a noise,” said 81-year-old Kispal, recalling the socket. “The movement was so bad I thought it was an earthquake.”

“”[It] cut right through our house, “added Kerwin (73).” Had it continued, it would have had us. “

Henry Narvaez, a spokesman for the LACoFC, did not reveal how the truck crane fell on the roof. He informed KTLA that the state department for safety and health at work had reacted to clear the scene. And that the crane company – the name of which was not published – sent another crane to lift the collapsed one out of the house.

At that time, the couple was evicted from their home and are being housed by the Red Cross until their address is established.

Source: KLTA, people