The UK’s P&I Club has released the latest video in its “Ask an Expert” online series, which discusses the dangers and effects of a crane wire failure for shipowners, charterers and crew members.

The video with Anuj Velankar, Senior Loss Prevention Advisor at the UK P&I Club, and Kim Chua, Chartered Engineer and Metallurgist at Brookes Bell, describes the following topics:

· Examples of crane wire faults

· Post Incident Inspection

· Testing

· Reference documents for maintenance requirements and disposal criteria

Kim highlights the types of crane wire rope failures, such as: B. dangling wires with frayed ends. She emphasizes the importance of inspections and tests as neglect can potentially lead to death and there have been many cases that have resulted in damage to equipment, ship structures and loss of cargo.

Brookes Bell metallurgist Kim Chua urges the crew to take numerous photos during or immediately after an incident and to take the necessary sampling of the failed cable before a more definitive conclusion can be drawn. It is also important to take a look at the reference documents available for maintenance requests and to discard criteria. There you will find information on how to maintain the wire rope to ensure its durability during its service life. You can use the disposal criteria to assess the condition of the wire ropes to determine when to replace the wire rope.

Stuart Edmonston, Loss Prevention Director at the UK’s P&I Club, said: “This latest ‘Ask an Expert’ underscores the fact that we are only as good as our evidence. Brookes Bell’s Kim Chua clearly stated the need to consider the history of the wires, the requirement for up-to-date maintenance records, numerous photographic records at the time of the incident, and a thorough post-incident inspection. By taking these necessary steps, disputes from owners claiming damage during operation or from charterers claiming a material defect have a better chance of being more easily resolved. “

The “Ask an Expert” video series provides expert analysis and insight into a range of specific topics from leading figures in the maritime industry. The videos are informative and concise in their 30-minute format and are designed to give the audience a thorough understanding of a problem in an optimized time frame.

The “Ask an Expert” video on crane wire failures can be viewed on Club Vimeo’s UK site here:
Source: UK P&I Club