BOISE, ID and BANNOCKBURN, IL / ACCESSWIRE / June 17, 2021 / announced its latest Book It Now integration with Revenova, LLC, a CRM-based transportation management (TMS) solution for shippers, brokers and third party logistics companies (3PL).

Book It Now gives shippers the ability to proactively select loads from a pre-approved list of 3PLs for a significantly faster booking experience. The cargoes are available to a limited and preferred list of approved carriers, eliminating time-consuming negotiations and concerns about working with an unknown company.

“We’re excited to offer our customers the latest cargo booking and carrier assignment solution to streamline the process of moving cargo,” said Jason Skorczewski, vice president of product development, Revenova. “This integration gives carriers using Revenova another great option to assign loads and focus on what matters most to them – moving cargo.”

“With Book It Now, carriers can quickly book loads with trusted brokers so they can drive more and search less,” said Eduardo Avila, senior director of integrations, “We look forward to working with companies like Revenova to offer our mutual customers our value-added solutions.”

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About Revenova

RevenovaTMS is the leading CRM-based multimodal transport management solution based entirely on CRM-supported transport tools offer a 360-degree view of your customers and carriers throughout the entire offer-to-cash process through to accounting. To learn more, contact Jason Skorczewski at [email protected] or visit

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