Connecticut, USA-based crane equipment sales, rental and service company Innovativ Hoisting, the North American dealer for Böcker trailer cranes and inclined lifts, used a Böcker AHK 36 trailer crane to install one of the largest replacement stained glass windows in the USA, in of St. Anne’s Church in Waterbury, Connecticut.

The window consisted of three sections, each weighing up to 680 kg, which were lifted with the AHK 36 and a wireless remote control to eliminate blind spots for the crane operator.

When the crane was ready, a Böcker junior inclined lift was extended by 15 m to lift other parts of the frame and the stained glass for the installation.

Böcker describes his AHK 36 as a hybrid trailer crane made of aluminum and high-strength steel. As a result, it has a lifting height of up to 36 m and can lift loads of up to 2.4 tons.

The integrated hydraulic cylinder ensures that the mast can be telescoped smoothly under high loads, says Böcker.

The crane control technology includes: automatic superstructure control with automatic boom leveling function; Control of the rotation and the setting angle of the mast assembly during operation; and a “go home” feature for easy disassembly. A mast-mounted camera is optionally available.