US crane rental company Nebraska Crane has received a 149-ton Grove GRT9165 rough-terrain crane from local distributor Aspen Equipment.

First introduced in 2018, the three-axle GRT 9165 has a 62.5 meter main boom with six sections that can be extended to a maximum center height of 91.2 meters with a choice of manual or hydraulic offset extensions. Features include hydro-gas suspension on the rear axles, hydraulically detachable counterweight and boom boxes, and the new, wider, tiltable cab with Grove’s Crane Control System (CCS). Upon delivery, the crane immediately got to work on a maintenance job for wind turbines in Iowa and then used precast concrete on a large multi-storey car park construction project.

Nebraska Crane’s new GRT9165 is performing maintenance on wind turbines in Iowa

Ty Noyes, Nebraska Crane Operations Manager, said, “The strong charts and boom length offer fantastic capabilities in the field. This work in the parking garage, for example, would traditionally be done with a small crawler crane. However, we were able to do this at a lower cost with the GRT9165 and at the same time make the construction site more flexible because we can move this compact all-terrain crane where we need it. Ultimately, customers want the greatest possible performance at the lowest cost. “

The second task was to lay precast concrete parts for a large car park construction project

Todd Foster, President of Aspen Equipment added, “We are excited to continue to support Nebraska Crane’s success with the new Grove GRT9165. The only rough-terrain crane of this size on the market in Nebraska should give you a great competitive advantage with its outstanding capabilities. “

The family-run Nebraska Crane was founded in 1993 and operates a fleet of rough terrain – almost entirely Grove – all terrain, truck and crawler cranes throughout the Midwest from its locations in Kearny and Lincoln, Nebraska. It is also a distributor of Ashland Industries, Towmaster, Travalong and Shuttlelift products.