Canton, GA, July 28, 2021 – ( – There’s no denying that building is one of the most dangerous areas of work. A survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics data found the 34 most dangerous jobs in America, and most of them were construction-related. Some of these occupations were construction workers, construction machinery operators, construction engineers on construction sites, construction workers, site managers and roofers.

One of the most important and dangerous aspects of construction is the operation of cranes. BLS data shows that crane accidents result in hundreds of deaths and injuries every year. However, CWSA, short for Crane Warning Systems Atlanta, is doing a commendable job of partnering with RaycoWylie to ensure that every crane in America is equipped with crane safety products.

When asked about the CWSA’s mission to promote crane safety, a company representative said, “Our mission from the start has been to ensure that every crane has a crane warning system. Our partnership with Rayco Wylie, a pioneer and industry leader in crane safety equipment, enables us to distribute specialized crane safety equipment across America. We believe that the loss of life and income from crane accidents is totally avoidable. Our range of products includes ATB warning systems, wind speed indicators, load indicator systems and other safety equipment that help make cranes across America safer and more efficient. “

Rayco Wylie is a leader and innovator in the global crane monitoring system industry with nearly nine decades of experience. The company is focused on developing lasting partnerships with its customers by developing crane indicators that meet the specific needs of the industry. Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is the largest and oldest national distributor for RaycoWylie products in the United States.

CWSA provides parts, service, sales, and support to a wide variety of customers in the United States. From ATB warning systems to load moment indicators, CWSA is home to the very latest Rayco Wylie products. The company also provides user guides and troubleshooting help in the support section, and free quotes for anyone interested in doing business with them.

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Crane Warning Systems Atlanta is a crane safety instrumentation and service provider for Rayco Wylie parts and products. It has been the national distributor for Rayco Wylie products for two decades and the largest distributor. The company provides technologically advanced crane displays and warning systems to various construction sites across the United States. They also pride themselves on offering budget-friendly options for their customers’ security needs as well as technical support on their website.

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