As for crazy adventures, the guys at The Fast Lane (Car, Truck, Classic, Offroad – they all have them) have a special page in our fun book. And they sure do their best to grow it into a full chapter based on the looks of their latest projects.

That’s because, while TFL has come up with a whole bunch of crazy ideas, it’s always looking for more. For example, Roman doesn’t even start the process with the trucks (from 3:15 am) until he gives us an update on her “Baby Yota” tacoma.

And it seems that no blizzard will stop them from achieving their goals, even though Tommy jokingly admitted that he needed a new pair of underwear after a certain trip – check out this side story from 9:45 a.m. too if you want to know more.

But let’s get back to the point, as we need to explain what TFL has to do with the purchase of three older trucks – a 2001 Dodge Ram 1500 Sport Offroad, a 1998 Chevrolet K1500 4×4, and the “Holy Grail” classic truck, one very orange and patina-covered 1965 Ford F-100.

Well, it turns out Ram and Chevy will be an integral part of an upcoming series called “TFLtrucks To Hell and Back,” which will pick up three older trucks (the aforementioned Ram and Chevy and a Ford they own) Not yet bought) on an adventure to Moab, Utah … and back if the trio manages to survive.

However, the likelihood of all three getting out alive depends entirely on their ability to survive Hell’s famous revenge. To make things more interesting, the trucks can be purchased on a budget (no more than $ 5,000 each) and then upgraded by TFL’s partner for the series with an additional $ 1,500.

Now what about the 1965 Ford F-100 4X4 that appeared in place of the newer Ford F-150 4X4? It turned out that an opportunity arose when they were looking for their third truck for the new challenge. Roman calls it the “Holy Grail” of classic trucks because all-wheel drive pickups from the 1960s are known to be hard to find.

Hopefully when they get their hands on an F-150 Tommy will also be done with the planned upgrades for the 1965 F-100, and they’ll just take the classic truck with them for fun. ..