Tenaris has supplied Sarens, a global leader in crane rental, heavy lifting and technical transportation, with 780 tons of high strength TS890 steel tubing for the construction of the largest crane currently on the market: the SGC-250.

The SGC-250, which features a maximum load moment of 250,000 tm and enables 5,000 tonnes of lifting platforms, will support the construction of the Hinkley Point C nuclear power plant, the UK’s largest and most complex civil engineering project, responsible for supplying seven percent of its low-carbon electricity of the country.

With a technically demanding crane design like the SGC-250, the decisive factor is weight control while at the same time ensuring a high load capacity. “We could support the customer with a tailor-made solution that would give our high-performance steels excellent values ​​for strength and elasticity,” he said Marc Rennings, Tenaris Managing Director Germany.

The construction industry has demanded more specialized cranes that can lift extreme weights or large components to great heights. The combination of heavy lifting and lifting required that the crane lattice jib be as light as possible. To achieve this goal, high-strength steel tubes are used, which crane designers can use to significantly reduce the wall thickness of the originally defined tube dimensions.

Tenaris has developed a complete family of modern, high-strength steels ranging from TS690, TS770, T890 to TS960, with special attention paid to weldability and a clean and smooth pipe surface after quenching and tempering the heat treatment.

“We were able to demonstrate in a long-term study with one of our main customers that our TS890 grade has excellent weldability, maintains its mechanical properties in the heat affected zones of the weld seam and has very high fatigue resistance. One of the first decisions in the crane industry,” added Rennings.

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