Liebherr cranes at the TC3 terminal

The Tanger Alliance has received the last two of eight Liebherr Ship-to-Shore (STS) cranes at the TC3 terminal in Tanger Med, Morocco, increasing the capacity of the facility to over 1.5 million TEU per year .

The last crane was commissioned in April 2021, while the first two cranes were commissioned in October 2020. Four more followed in quick succession, so that the terminal could start operating with six cranes in January 2021.

They are the first Liebherr STS cranes at Tanger Med and were set up in a remote location in Cadiz, Spain before the two of them were shipped to Morocco.

Gerry Bunyan, global sales and marketing manager for Liebherr container cranes, said: “The handover of these cranes to the Tanger Alliance is a crucial moment for the port.

“The Tanger Alliance’s investment in Liebherr STS cranes is rewarded with industry-leading productivity, low operating costs and the knowledge that the cranes will be available as and when required to be able to work on the largest ships in the world for many years to come.”

The cranes designed and manufactured by Liebherr Container Cranes in Ireland have a reach of 72 m, a lifting height above the rail of 54 m, a span of 30.48 and a reach of 22 m.

The safe working load under a double-lift spreader is 65 tons, and the extremely large STS cranes are future-proof and can accommodate ships with up to 26 rows stowed over the deck.

The cranes include fiber optic cores in the cabling, fault monitoring and remote diagnosis as well as safety features such as laser and ultrasonic anti-collision systems as well as intelligent slowdowns installed as standard.

ALE Heavylift Madrid (Mammoet) helped assemble and transport the cranes, which were ordered between March and November 2019. The delivery should take place between 2020 and 2021.

With local support, Mammoet employees and experienced Liebherr engineers, the project could be continued with minimal interruption.

Twelve Liebherr STS cranes are currently in operation in Morocco, and four cranes are already in operation in Casablanca.

The container terminal of the Tanger Alliance has a quay length of 800 m, a terminal area of ​​360,000 m² and a water depth of 18 m.

It is ready for operation on the newest and largest container ships and represents a partnership consisting of Marsa Maroc, Eurogate & Contship Italia and Hapag-Lloyd.