The Tadano Group launches the brand new 160 ton telescopic boom crawler crane: the Tadano GTC-1600. The GTC-1600 provides the lifting industry with a 160-ton capacity solution with a main boom length of over 200 feet and uneven operation on slopes up to 4 degrees.

The GTC-1600 is equipped with the flexible track positioning system OPTI-WIDTH, which enables unlimited combinations of symmetrical and asymmetrical track width configurations without having to fix the track frames in fixed positions. The innovative hydraulic system of the GTC-1600 ensures smooth and seamless multifunctional operation, which enables the boom to be driven, lifted and telescoped at the same time. These longer, smarter, and stronger features make the GTC-1600 well suited for a wide variety of construction and specialty lifting jobs as the GTC line of products expands to seven models.

The purpose-built design of the GTC-1600 gives operators higher and longer options for lifting operations, while also enabling uneven and pick-and-carry operations for infrastructure development, wind power support, general construction and a variety of other applications.

Tadano GTC-1600 range

The Tadano GTC-1600 has a 6-section boom that can extend from 42.8 feet to up to 200.1 feet, making it the longest boom in the under 250 tonne telescopic crawler chain. The boom uses a reliable single cylinder telescopic and pinning system to automatically extend and retract all sections and can be locked in selected working positions.

The boom is complemented by a 33.8 foot / 59.1 foot double boom with offsets of up to 40 degrees. A boom length of up to 105 feet is possible with two 23 foot optional mesh inserts, allowing for a maximum center height of 305 feet. An optional 11.8 foot heavy duty boom with 20 degree and 40 degree offset is also available. This functionality is ideal for fold-up work in confined spaces. Tadano group

Comprehensive control system

The Tadano GTC-1600 is equipped with a comprehensive control system and improved user interface that allows the operator to monitor almost every aspect of the crane on a single full color display. Screen warnings, user-definable work areas with end-of-zone soft stop function and automatic switching for uneven load diagrams for slopes of up to 4 degrees increase the safety when operating the GTC-1600. The control settings can be adjusted to the preferences of the operator.

Cummins B6.7 diesel engine US EPA Tier 4F / Euromot Stage V

Equipped with a dual certified US EPA Tier 4F / Euromot Stage V Cummins B6.7 diesel engine producing 326 horsepower at 2,200 rpm, the GTC-1600 offers powerful performance with a maximum engine torque of 1,014 pound-feet at 1,500 rpm . In addition, the drive system of the GTC-1600 has two-speed caterpillar drives with a top speed of 1.5 miles per hour and a maximum gradeability of 52 percent when unloaded.


Equipped with the patented OPTI-WIDTH system from Tadano, the GTC-1600 always offers the maximum available lifting capacity in unlimited combinations of symmetrical and asymmetrical track width settings, without the track frames having to be fixed in fixed positions. This allows the driver to quickly adapt the track width to the requirements of the terrain even on the most difficult construction sites with limited set-up options.GTC 1600Tadano group

Self-righting counterweight system

The GTC-1600 is designed for easy setup without the need for an auxiliary crane. Its self-righting counterweight system with remote control and integrated two-stage jacks reduce the time it takes to get the crane from the truck to the job site. Hydraulic quick-release couplings on the track allow easy and tool-free removal and handling of the track frame.

Optimized for transport, the base crane weighs less than 96,000 pounds and can get to and from the construction site on a single flatbed truck, with the remaining crane components being transported separately on up to four standard trucks.

Telematics web information service: HELLO-NET

The telematics web information service HELLO-NET from Tadano records the operating status of the crane via mobile radio as well as position information via GPS and maintenance data. Tadano shares information about the product used and offers expanded customer support and service.

Smartphone app: HELLO DATA LINK

HELLO-DATA LINK connects cranes to mobile devices via WLAN so that you can receive operating status, displays, error codes and other information from outside the cabin to simplify crane maintenance.