The German Darmstadt fire brigade has received a 70-tonne Tadano ATF 70G-4 all-terrain crane that has been converted for fire-fighting, rescue and recovery tasks.

The ATF 70G-4 replaces an aging fire brigade crane and has a 52.1 m long main boom with six sections and a double slewing 9 to 16 m long boom. The crane can drive with axle loads of 10 tons with 3.4 tons counterweight, swivel and hook block on board.

To prepare it for active use, the second-hand crane underwent a number of modifications, including the addition of sirens and signals, additional lighting and camera systems, additional loading boxes, and storage and bespoke decals. The crane is supplied with a guarantee and service package and is used to rescue larger vehicles or to carry out special rescue operations.

The newly converted all-terrain crane Tadano ATF 70G-4 of the Darmstadt fire brigade

Volker Reibold, Head of Technology at the Darmstadt Fire Brigade, said: “We just didn’t have the budget for a new crane, so it had to be a used one. The problem with this, however, is that there is no second hand market for fire service cranes. We were able to find a standard crane that met our requirements and budget and retrofit it. “

“We were able to inspect an ATF 70G-4 at a crane rental company and found that this crane was exactly what we were looking for. Thanks to the dual engine concept, it is easy to use, easy to maintain and exceptionally reliable. We also didn’t want a crane that needed a degree to operate it. A cluttered cockpit with dozens of displays wouldn’t be of much use to us at all. The Tadano cab is very neat and every switch is clearly labeled, which makes life a lot easier for our drivers and operators. “

Darmstadt is located south of Frankfurt and offers fire protection to more than 160,000 residents.