From left to right: Marcos Cunzolo (General Director, Cunzolo), Anilton Leite (Sales Manager, Tadano Brazil), Rodolfo Cunzolo (President, Cunzolo), Masatoshi Hirano (President, Tadano Brazil) and Renata Cunzolo (Finance Director, Cunzolo).

Tadano America Corp.

The fleet expansion improved the overall load capacity of Cunzolo with the ATF 400G-6 all-terrain crane. Previously, the lifting capacity of the Brazilian crane service was only 242.5 tons. With the new Tadano all-terrain crane, the company currently has a maximum individual load capacity of 450 tons – a new milestone for the company.

The acquisition of the new all-terrain crane enables Cunzolo to develop additional business areas, including freight, transshipment, industrial and transport projects. In addition, the company has become more competitive when it comes to winning bids against competitors.

Cunzolo now owns 15 Tadano cranes, which gives the company an additional head start. This is due to the company’s ability to carry out complex lifting projects with large loads and long reaches.

“With the new Tadano ATF 400G-6, we can now also meet customer requirements who would previously have wanted a crane of this performance class,” says General Manager Marcos Cunzolo. “Of course, we can also win potential customers who originally never contacted us because we didn’t have a crane of this size in our fleet. Thanks to the ATF 400G-6, we can now expand our range of services to include a whole range of elevators. “

The expansion is a business decision for Cunzolo as the company has purchased ten additional trucks to carry the boom, accessories and 304,235 pound counterweight.

Tadano ATF 400G-6 crane features:

  • 450 US ton crane
  • Five-part all-terrain crane
  • Telescopic boom length: 197 feet
  • Fixed boom length: 162.4 feet

Additional accessories include:

  • Luffing boom length: 257.5 feet
  • “Power System” boom suspension system

The boom suspension system “Power System”

The boom suspension of the ATF 400G-6 enables the crane to carry out complex lifts, heavy loads and great heights safely and with impressive results. The boom suspension system can be combined with a number of possible boom configurations and the available 257.5 foot luffing boom to accomplish a variety of tasks.

Information provided by Tadano America Corporation and published by Chantal Zimmermann.