Tadano America Corporation

Tadano America Corporation announced that the Empire Crane Company, headquartered in Syracuse, New York, has joined as an authorized distributor for Tadano cranes in the northeastern United States. Since opening in 2002, Empire Crane has been a trusted partner in the lifting industry and has long been an authorized distributor of Demag and Mantis cranes.

Empire Crane has decided to expand this partnership after the acquisition of Demag Mobile Cranes by the Tadano Group in August 2019. Today the company is an authorized distributor of Tadano all-terrain cranes and all-terrain cranes in New Jersey, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine and New York (excluding subway) New York and the surrounding counties.

“We have been connected to the Tadano company via the Tadano Mantis Tele-Crawler for years. As of the beginning of 2021, it is a privilege to now be able to sell the entire product line in our area, ”said Luke Lonergan, CEO and Vice President of Empire Crane Company. “When I go to work every morning and see the Tadano logo on the top of our company sign, I am so proud that we represent the leading crane manufacturer in the northeastern United States.”