December 18, 2020

Spierings has delivered the first units of its new emission-free “e-Lift” four-axle seven ton SK597-AT4 and six-axle 10 ton SK1265-AT6 self-erecting mobile tower cranes. The first units go to the Dutch landlords Schot Verticaal Transport and T Pater Kraanverhuur.

The first self-erecting tower crane Spierings eLift

The company, which was presented as a concept for the first time at bauma last year, has adapted the hybrid technology of its hybrid City Boy cranes. The new eLift models can be operated fully electrically with an alternating current source that works in conjunction with the lithium-ion battery. If no mains connection is available, the crane can also work in hybrid mode and combine its batteries with a small three-cylinder stage V diesel engine. With a capacity of 10 tons and a tip height of 66 meters, the company claims the SK1265-AT6 is now the largest electric mobile crane in the world that can operate from a 16-amp electrical outlet.

The new Spierings eLift cranes can be operated with diesel or with a 16 A AC source and a battery pack

Features include the ability to charge batteries when the diesel engine is running with an automatic start / stop function, thus reducing energy consumption when a crane function is not in use. Operators can also choose the required current between 11 and 32 amps, depending on the availability of the site and to “steal” all available power supply. In contrast to the custom-built models with AC power supply that the company has supplied in the past, the new E-Lift cranes can be operated with a household power supply without any problems by using the battery as a boost when necessary, so that the power remains at one level Equivalent to the standard model with a diesel engine.

The cranes can be operated from a 16 amp socket

The Dutch crane and rental company T Pater has taken over the first SK597-AT4 eLift, while the first SK1265-AT6 eLift has been taken over by the Dutch heavy haulage and transport company Schot. The company has also ordered two more eLift models, with delivery scheduled for 2021.

The new four-axis SK597-AT4 from T.Pater

Spiering says it has already booked more than 45 orders for the new eLift cranes and expects almost all cranes leaving the factory to be electric in 2021.

Connecting the crane to the power grid couldn’t be easier

Roel van der Heide, General Manager of Schott, said: “The emission-free design has become even more important and we expect a high demand for this crane. The ability to use this crane from an 11 amp source allows it to work on virtually any job site with zero emissions.

Harry Pater, owner of Father Kraanverhuur, added: “We have the first SK597-AT4 eLift from Spierings in our fleet, with which we have taken the first step towards the emission-free construction site of tomorrow. The fact that they can now do their work emission-free and practically noiseless is another argument in favor of these cranes. We have noticed a growing demand from our contractors to work with them to think about reducing NOx and CO2 emissions. These new eLift models are the answer to this request. “

The managing director Koos Spierings added: “Thanks to the City Boy we were able to develop the eLift models. Our company already had a lot of knowledge about hybrid technology and software, so we can act quickly. I am very proud of all the people in our company who have implemented this innovation in such a period of time. I think we added an important benefit to our crane concept. Together with the SK487-AT3 City Boy, Spierings now offers three models that can work emission-free. This means that Spierings is currently the leader in the crane market. More than 45 eLift cranes have now been sold. In 2021, practically every crane that leaves the factory in Oss will be electric. ”