19th November 2020

Central Morecambe Platform / Credit: Sparrows Group

Offshore crane service company Sparrows has received a five-year contract from Spirit Energy to provide crane maintenance and lifting services for its Morecambe hubs in the Eastern Irish Sea off the UK.

The Morecambe Hub consists of six fields, three of which have been operated by Spirit Energy for over 30 years. The North Morecambe, South Morecambe and Rhyl gas producing fields are located approximately 25 km southwest of Walney Island in western England.

Under the contract, Sparrows will provide crane maintenance for all fixed hoists on the Morecambe Central Processing Complex, DP6, DP8 and DPPA platforms. The provision of crane technology, construction services and technical authority is managed from the company’s headquarters in Aberdeen.

Stewart Mitchell, Sparrows Chief Executive Officer, said, “Having recently renovated the DP6 and DP8 cranes for Spirit Energy, we are excited to be working with the team again for a longer, more sustainable lift inspection and maintenance campaign all in one of the campaigns to be carried out by Britain’s main gas production centers. “

Sparrows did not share the financial details of the deal with Spirit Energy.

In its prime, the Morecambe Hub supplied 20% of UK gas needs. Gas from all fields is processed at the Barrow Gas Terminals near Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria before being added to the national transmission system.