A helicopter crane dropped a large air conditioner on the street in Oakland, California on Saturday.

The Sikorsky Skycrane had lifted the air conditioner off a truck and lifted it onto a building under construction on the street. It had raised it to a height of about 12 meters when the helicopter, which has a maximum capacity of about 10 tons, seemed to simply let go of the rigging, dropped its cargo onto the street, and narrowly missed construction workers. Fortunately, no one was injured in the incident.

Bigge crane and rigging were called in to retrieve the unit and arrived with a telescopic crane and a truck with a low-loader trailer. A video of the incident can be seen below. The road had been closed for work and the helicopter had been lifting materials onto the building all morning. The helicopter is owned and operated by Siller Helicopter.

A crane loads the damaged AC unit onto a flatbed truck

General Manager Hunt Norris said, “We are in the process of investigating the incident. We are grateful that no one was injured and we appreciate the acceptance of our safety management system by our employees. “

Vertical comment

It would be interesting to know why a helicopter was chosen for this job, unless it was the top of a skyscraper with no tower crane? Otherwise, a mobile self-erecting tower crane would have been the perfect tool for the job. Although there are very few, if any, units in the US. We would be interested to know more.