As the success of virtual events continues to grow across the industry, the Tower Cranes North America Conference (TCNA) is no exception. After the transition from a personal event, the second TCNA from KHL will take place online on October 22nd.

TCNA 2020 will showcase some of the leading tower crane companies in the industry.

The event is organized by KHL and its magazines American Cranes & Transport (ACT) and International Cranes and Specialized Transport with SC & RA as event partner. This year’s TCNA will address key issues faced by tower crane owners and users in North America, including risk reduction, safety, crane inspections, crane rental business cycles and construction forecasting. The presentations last between 15 and 30 minutes and participants have the opportunity to discuss questions and answers with the speakers at the end of each session.

The 2020 TCNA is also supported by four main sponsors: Comansa, Jaso Tower Cranes, Manitowoc’s Potain, and Terex. The supporting sponsors are Morrow, Pintsch Bubenzer, Quartz, RaycoWylie, Wolffkran and Zoomlion.

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Main sponsors

COMANSA is a leading manufacturer of flat and luffing tower cranes. All cranes are built with the latest technology based on safe and reliable operation. Comansa cranes are some of the easiest cranes to assemble and disassemble as there are no spire or pendant lines to assemble and all connections are pin-connected. Comansa’s North American office provides sales, technical support, service and spare parts for the US and Canada from its locations in Charlotte, Dallas and Seattle.

JASO TOWER CRANES is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of tower cranes. Jaso is based in Spain and is part of the Jaso Group, which includes the manufacture of industrial cranes, material / personnel lifts, mast climbing work platforms and windmill service lifts. In its 45-year history, Jaso has designed the company in such a way that it adapts to the needs and trends of the market. In 2014 Jaso developed his first hydraulic luffing crane, which quickly became a bestseller. In 2016, Jaso Smartlink was introduced – a cloud-based system that enables complete monitoring of crane performance and provides a thorough and intuitive report. In 2017, Jaso manufactured its flagship, the J780PA, a 75 tonne luffing tower crane. In 2019, the largest low-rise crane J1400 with a capacity of 64 tons was delivered.

Terex (8)

POTAIN Tower cranes are known worldwide for their lifting capacity, reliability and innovative design. Potain builds more than 60 types of tower cranes for a variety of construction sites: heavy duty slewing cranes for infrastructure work, luffing jib cranes that build “super tall” skyscrapers, topless cranes that reshape urban environments, and Hup self-erecting cranes that transform residential construction. The company is known for its ease of use, efficient transportation and fast assembly times. There are many reasons why Potain tower cranes have skylines around the world.

TEREX CORPORATION is a global manufacturer of lifting and materials handling products and services, delivering life cycle solutions that maximize customer return on investment. The major Terex brands include Terex, Genie and Powerscreen. Terex solutions serve a wide range of industries including construction, infrastructure, manufacturing, shipping, transportation, refining, energy, utilities, quarrying and mining. Terex Cranes, part of the Materials Processing segment of Terex Corporation, comprises the rough-terrain and tower crane business with the old brands Peiner, Bendini and Comedil. The wide product range includes rough-terrain cranes, self-erecting, flat roofs, luffing jibs and hammer-head tower cranes. From its two production sites, Terex Cranes delivers the highest quality cranes to both small local construction sites and the most prestigious construction sites in the world.

Supporting sponsors

TIGHT CRANES is an Italian company with over 35 years of experience in the tower crane industry. ENG Cranes has been expanded to include its EDKH and ETH series, which have a powerful derrick series with a swivel radius of 2.1 meters and a rotation of 360 degrees. This prompted the company to develop the tower crane version. The ETH is the same crane that can be used as a powerful hydraulic buffer with a maximum capacity of up to 30 tons. Users essentially have two cranes in one. The same concept applies to ENG’s EDL series, a brand new range of hydraulic air fans with a maximum capacity of up to 12 tons, a swing radius of just 4.10 meters and the ability to either use them as buffers or to process them a flat tower crane.

morning is the exclusive distributor of Liebherr tower cranes in North America. The company provides leading solutions for tower crane applications, including professional engineering services, factory-trained service specialists, turnkey applications and a spare parts inventory strategically placed to serve customers locally. Commissioned in 1968 with a tower crane from a small construction trailer, Morrow has grown into an industry leader over the past 50+ years. Morrow’s mission has not changed and the focus remains on providing customers with a partnership that will help them succeed and build long-term relationships.

PINTSCH BUBENZER focuses on the development, production and maintenance of high quality braking systems for static and dynamic applications, in which small to very large amounts of kinetic energy are precisely controlled. The challenge is to control this energy in the most efficient and cost effective way possible. Pintsch Bubenzer is a world leader in the development and manufacture of braking systems in the fields of ports, overhead traveling cranes, tower cranes, movable structures, shipbuilding and offshore technology, the use of wind, the steel industry and mining.

QUARTZ is an all-in-one platform for remote sensing, safety and productivity on construction sites. Using a combination of advanced crane cameras and floor-mounted cameras, Quartz’s system transmits 4K live feeds with low latency anywhere in the world and provides a 360-degree view of everything that is happening on a construction site. Users can view both live and historical data remotely without ever having to set foot in the field or in an office. Quarz also provides important insights into safety, delivery and crane utilization on site via its product dashboard.

Active on the world market since 1933, RAYCOWYLIE manufactures a full range of crane monitoring instruments. To improve the popular i4500 series, RaycoWylie has introduced a new telematics solution. The RAYCOnnect transmits all important data via a cellular service to a remote computer, tablet or mobile phone. This includes GPS location, opening times, system diagnostics, preset notifications and more. RaycoWylie has worked extensively with tower crane specialists to develop a flexible and versatile system. From simple to complex, the systems offer extensive functions such as zoning (3D working area limitation) and collision protection, which are suitable for all types of tower cranes.

WOLFF 1250 B (1)

WOLFF CRANE stands for more than 100 years of competence in the design and construction of tower cranes made in Germany. The company, founded in 1854, soon specialized in the manufacture of hoists and in 1913 developed the world’s first high-speed erection tower crane. Wolffkran also operates its own rental fleet with around 700 Wolff tower cranes and offers a comprehensive range of services from technical planning to crane logistics and on-site assembly to crane maintenance and training. Wolff tower cranes are manufactured in Heilbronn and Luckau in Germany and used in the construction of pioneering projects all over the world.

Founded in 1992, ZOOMLION GROUP has been involved in the development and manufacture of important high-tech devices in the construction machinery and agricultural industries. The Zoomlion Tower Cranes division is dedicated to planning, developing, manufacturing, selling and servicing tower cranes and construction hoists. In 2011 Zoomlion acquired the complete flat-top technology from JOST in Germany. seven years later, Zoomlion acquired Wilbert from Germany. In 2019, Zoomlion BU tower crane sales reached $ 1.5 billion. Along with the transaction and technology merger, Zoomlion aims to transition from the leading Chinese tower crane manufacturer to the world leader.