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The international heavy lift and transport specialist Sarens has announced a new 100,000-tonne-meter super-heavy-duty ring crane.

The SGC-90 joins its three larger siblings in the SGC (Sarens Giant Crane) series, the 250,000 tonne SGC-250, the 140,000 tonne SGC-140 and the 120,000 tonne SGC-120. The new giant, nicknamed “Little Celeste”, is assembled and tested in the port of Ghent, Belgium. It can have a load of up to 1,650 tons on the hook.

Target applications include jobs in the nuclear, logistics, construction and offshore wind sectors. It is already fully booked for his first project, which is due to start around the turn of the year.

A key feature of the crane that sets it apart from others of its size and type is that it is completely electrically powered and does not carry any hydraulics. In addition to its “green” properties, there is also the option of feeding electricity back into the grid. During a lowering process, electricity is generated by using the lifting motors as dynamos. This can then be fed back into the power grid, which reduces consumption by up to 40 percent, says Sarens.

Without diesel generators or hydraulic units, the crane is also significantly quieter, produces no exhaust gases and there is no risk of contamination from hydraulic oil leaks. Less maintenance is another benefit of a crane with no motors or hydraulics that require fluid or filter changes.

The ring diameter is 35 meters and the maximum containerized counterweight is 3,000 tons. Main boom lengths are 100, 120 and 130 meters and booms can be added including a 27.5 meter track and those shared with other SGC series cranes. The construction or dismantling could be done in about four or five weeks, said Sarens.

Further details about the crane and our exclusive interview with Matthias Sarens, the man behind the SGC-90 project, can be found in the December heavy lift special edition of International Cranes and Specialized Transport magazine.

See a video of the new crane here.

The SGC-90 can lift 1,650 tons

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The Sarens SGC-90 was assembled and tested before being dismantled and transported to its first project

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