For me, one of the most exciting developments we’ve seen in East Texas in recent years is the ever-growing food truck scene. Although it has become a normal sight at many of our events and locations in East Texas, I am always delighted with the increasing variety of options available along the way.

You can find almost anything you could want – American favorites, Tex-Mex, Vietnamese, Greek, sweet treats, and even authentic Mexican food with an island-inspired twist.

I also love that some of Tyler’s urban developers keep an eye on our food truck scene as they make new plans or update our public areas. For example, the upcoming Tyler Rose Complex has included a special area in its plans that has been specially designed for mobile kitchen culture.

Some of our most popular food trucks also have stationary locations, and most of them are locally owned. That means this is often another way to support our East Texas business owners.

And don’t forget that many of these food trucks are available for your events! If you’re hosting a shindig, you might want to contact one, two, or even more of them to add a fun, delicious addition to your event or gathering. Camp Tyler recently hosted a full food truck picnic! has provided contact information for many of them here.

Here’s an online culinary tour of some of the best food trucks in the Tyler area:

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My first trip to Jucy’s Tacos

I finally took the time to stop by Jucy’s Tacos in Longview over the weekend. It was so good.

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