A student had a near-accident with a mobile crane while racing across the street.

Stomper O shared dashcam footage of the incident along West Coast Road after witnessing the close shave while driving.

The video shows the student running across the street while holding a cell phone to her ear.

O said to Stomp on Friday (March 26th): “I am the driver who recorded this on my car camera.

“This happened at the intersection of Pandan Gardens and Teban Gardens near the Commonwealth Secondary School.

“I didn’t feel right when I saw the student run across the street and the mobile crane started increasing its speed, so I started honking.

“It’s so happy that you both stopped in time. They got so close.

“I hope that something can be done about this intersection. It’s quite a long cross for pedestrians who have to cross two streets to get to the other side.”

O said the incident took place on the afternoon of July 31, 2019, stating, “The reason I am sharing this now is very simple: I want to improve the safety of this intersection for all students and pedestrians crossing the street.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s 10 or 20 years. I feel like I have a responsibility to point it out.”