The fire investigation begins

Rob Gibson – – | History: 330941

Photo: Brendan Harkin

After a fire-ravaged crane is removed from the location of a three-alarm fire in Glenmore, fire investigators can safely begin to determine what caused the fire.

Fire investigator Paul Johnson told Castanet, “More investigations began today (Wednesday). The Kelowna City Fire Department, the RCMP and the insurance company representing the project are all involved.”

Johnson says it’s good when the three parties work together.

“The insurance company has a much bigger budget. If we have to bring a speed dog, we can.”

Johnson also says investigators combed early images of the fire to gather photo and video evidence that could provide clues as to what started the fire.

“Now that the Emergency Operations Center is down and evacuation orders are lifted, people can go back to their homes.” Johnson says the evacuees were notified Tuesday night.

“I can’t go into the details, but what I can tell you is that for safety reasons, the WorkSafeBC crane has a work stop order that also applies to investigators,” says Johnson.