British crane rental company Q Crane & Plant Hire has taken over the first Liebherr cranes it ever bought and ordered five LTR telescopic crawler cranes – three 60-ton LTR 1060s and two 100-ton LTR 1100s.

The LTR 1060 is equipped with a 40-meter main boom, a 2.5-meter assembly boom and a 9.5- to 16-meter double-pivoting extension to achieve a maximum center height of almost 59 meters. The LTR 1100 has a 52-meter main boom, a 2.9-meter boom and a 10.6- to 19-meter double swivel extension. Two extensions of seven meters can also be added to achieve a maximum tip height of 88 meters.

Both cranes have Stage V engines, retractable chains, and the ability to work on side gradients of up to four degrees. The LTR 1060 can be transported fully equipped on a single low loader, while the LTR 1100 requires two.

The five LTR telescopic crawlers are the first Liebherr cranes to be added to the Q Crane fleet

General Manager Anthony Quinn said, “This is an exciting opportunity for the company to ensure that we can serve our valued customer base with a wider range of devices and adapt to their needs.”

The company, based in Oldham, Greater Manchester, operates a fleet of mini, telescopic and lattice cranes – mostly from Kobelco – with capacities between five and 135 tons. It also provides a range of general construction machinery and attachments, as well as transportation and transportation services.