Preston Rentals has launched its SuperCrane fleet which is now available for rental in the US. Expanding into the crane sector was a long-term vision of the business and will allow Preston Rentals to serve a wider range of customers, the company said.

“This is an exciting milestone for Preston Rentals and an appropriate next step in our continued growth,” said John Krane, crane manager at Preston Rentals. “We listened to the market and understood their needs. We have extensive knowledge and global knowledge of crane skills, as well as the staff to ensure that customers receive the best possible service. I look forward to seeing our equipment on site and providing efficiency to our customers. “

PRUS SuperCrane 2

The introduction of crane rental in the US will complement the company’s SuperDeck retractable platform system, which has been a key material handling solution on US construction sites for the past 15 years.

Preston Rentals currently has five US service centers in California, Nevada, Texas, Tennessee and the newly opened SuperCrane service center in Littleton, CO.

“The fleet was designed as a cost-saving alternative for customers with unique site challenges,” added Krane. “Our machines are especially useful when a site requires minimal crane area, minimal ground pressure, or crane placement on elevated work surfaces such as parking structures and rooftops,” he said.