Sage Construction discovers the benefits of using a self erecting tower crane in residential construction. The Potain Igo MA 21’s ease of mobility, compact footprint, and large load-bearing capacity enabled Sage Construction to build a log home in the mountains of McCall, Idaho.

“This crane saves a huge amount of money and time and effort,” said Pete Loerzel, owner at Sage Construction. “We have often used other cranes in previous jobs, but this is our first time using an electric crane and the benefits are obvious.”

Project highlights:

  • Sage Construction built the two-story home from scratch using the Potain Igo MA 21 – moving bags of cement, flooring, and roofing materials.
  • The Potain crane’s quiet, electric operation allowed workers to communicate efficiently while the machine helped roofers move materials.
  • The compact size of the crane made it easy to position the machine without the need for additional roads or cutting trees.

Self erecting tower cranes are becoming a game changer in the housing industry by completing projects constrained by geographic and state regulations. Most recently, Pinetop Custom Homes also used a Manitowoc Potain self erecting tower crane to build a single family home in Idaho.

These machines can be operated from a single fixed position. Eliminate the need for multiple machine parts and reduce labor costs – Offer numerous advantages to the residential real estate market.