Actor Bob Crane was best known for his role in “Hogan’s Heroes” during his lifetime, but unfortunately it is now his mysterious death and the incidents that led to it that have become a greater part of the actor’s legacy. Bob Crane’s death stunned the nation when he was found beaten to death just two weeks before his 50th birthday. It also appeared that someone had tried to strangle the actor. An upcoming episode of ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane’ on Reelz aims to understand the mysterious circumstances surrounding Bob Crane’s death.

While Crane died in 1978, the case is still as cold as it was and his killer has never been found. The upcoming episode of ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane’ on Reelz will examine over 700 pages of original reports along with crime scene photos and videos to find out what led to Bob Crane’s brutal death. Was it a result of the bitter divorce he went through, was it a fallout from his sex addiction that resulted in Crane making his own sex videos as well. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming episode. If Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane sounds interesting, you can enjoy other Reelz documentaries like Robin Williams: When The Laughter Stops and Dating Game Killer.


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‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane’ will air on Reelz Sunday June 13th.

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‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane’ will air on Reelz Sunday June 13th at 9:00 p.m. According to Reelz’s official website, “REELZ is available as a subscription video-on-demand service through Roku, Amazon Prime Video and FireTV.” Those with cable providers can opt for a subscription by clicking here for a free trial.


In the official Reelz synopsis it says: “The forensic pathologist Dr. Michael Hunter re-opens one of Hollywood’s most famous cold cases and examines over 700 pages of original police reports, as well as crime scene photos and videos, to find out who would have wanted Bob’s death, but his brutal divorce battle had something to do with others the mob snatched at him everyone agreed that Bob’s addiction to sex and making his own sex videos had something to do with it. “

To heighten the mystery of this dire case, police reportedly found Crane’s apartment crammed with cameras, lights and editing equipment. Since one of the tripods was missing, the police quickly assumed that it could be a possible murder weapon. One of the prime suspects in the case was John Carpenter, a home video salesman who appeared in several of Bob’s sex videos. He had fled the scene the morning of the murder, and when police found blood in John’s rental car, they discovered it was the same rare blood type as Bob’s. But it would take another 16 years to bring Carpenter to justice. Carpenter protested his innocence the whole time. But if it wasn’t Carpenter, who was it? Could advances in DNA testing today provide answers?


Dr. Michael Hunter

Dr. Michael Hunter is best known for his appearances on Autopsy: The Last Hours Of, a television documentary series that examines the tragic and sudden death of celebrities. Hunter has over 21 years of medical examiner experience. Hunter graduated from the Medical University of South Carolina with a medical degree and later completed specialty training at Oregon Health & Science University, Baylor College of Medicine, Miami-Dade County Office of Medical Examiner.


Reelz has not yet released a trailer for ‘Autopsy: The Last Hours of Bob Crane’. Check out this section to learn more.

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