| Road traffic | Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd reaches new heights with MV Commercial’s bespoke fly jib crane

09:00 Fri 20.08.2021 | Posted by UKHAULIER

Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd has acquired a new Volvo FH 8 × 2 truck with fly jib crane from MV Commercial.

The new vehicle is equipped with a Palfinger PK 92002-SH F crane with a PJ125 E Fly-Jib, which can be extended to 30.4 m, a cable winch and a grapple saw for tree felling work.

Phill Bascombe, Managing Director, says, “This new truck is an upgrade to everything we’ve had in our fleet before. It gives us the flexibility to take on a wider range of jobs and allows us to work in more challenging locations.

“We’re offering a new service to local tree surgery companies that deal with removing dead ash trees; these can be very dangerous and must be worked on from a distance of at least 10 meters. With this new vehicle, we can do this work via the remote control and ensure that our employees are completely safe. “

The FH is also equipped with a Palfinger person basket, which enables safe working at great heights, or can be used as a bridge substructure for important inspections. The basket can be removed when not in use.

“This device required more than a standard solution, so we worked closely with MV Commercial to tailor the truck to the needs we needed. The team is always able to offer us a bespoke package that is not available anywhere else and we are already seeing the benefits of this latest addition. “

On the go, Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd can also take advantage of MV Commercial’s nationwide support network of more than 100 approved workshops in the UK and Ireland.

Phill Bascombe Transport Ltd is a family run company providing professional road transport services across the UK and Europe and its fleet is accredited to the Gold Standard of the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme (FORS). This gives its customers the peace of mind that they are following exemplary best practices in the areas of safety, efficiency and environmental protection, including the management of work-related traffic risks.