An empty ship crashed into a loaded cargo ship on Thursday, causing the collapse of a gantry crane, the damage of another and more than two dozen containers and the injury of a worker in the port of Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Taiwan International Ports Corp. reported on its website that at 11:21 am local time on Thursday, the OOCL Durban “while maneuvering towards its assigned berth” at Wharf 66 in Kaohsiung Harbor “collided with a stationary ship at Wharf 70 and a Gantry crane on the same quay. The incident caused the gantry crane to collapse and the injuries to a dock worker who was taken to hospital for treatment. “

American Shipper was unable to determine the condition of the worker who allegedly operated the crane at the time of the collision. But officials from Kaohsiung Port said he was cut on his arm. Two crane maintenance workers were temporarily trapped, but are said to have been rescued unharmed.

An estimated 30 to 50 containers on board the cargo ship identified as YM Constancy were damaged when it was hit by the Durban OOCL, port officials said.

While the Yang Ming ship “suffered minor damage, the gantry crane (GC8) collapsed completely and severely damaged a second neighboring gantry crane (GC6) during its fall,” Taiwan International Ports said.

“The original cost of building the two affected cranes is approximately NT $ 600 million (US $ 21.6 million),” it said. “The estimated value of the damage to the affected containers has yet to be investigated.”

A multi-video report of the accident said local media had told the harbor master’s office that the Durban had come too close to the Constancy and issued a warning to adjust direction and speed.

Orient Overseas Container Line chartered the Durban and confirmed in a company announcement on its website that an “incident led to the collapse of the gantry crane and injuries to a port worker”.

In its brief message, OOCL stated that the Durban was not carrying any cargo, that no damage to the hull had been found and that the cause of the incident was being investigated.

According to MarineTraffic, the OOCL Durban had sailed from Shenzhen, China, to Taiwan with a carrying capacity of 8,476 TEU units (TEU). At the beginning of May, the Durban ports in Australia called.

The YM Constancy, which was only built this year, has a load capacity of 2,940 TEU. According to VesselFinder, it had called Shenzhen, Malaysia, and Singapore before sailing to Kaohsiung.

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