After the balloon cost and lack of participation killed the Apollo Moon Landing Festival a few years ago, residents gathered to showcase the first Apollo May Daze this weekend, which features a flea market, self-guided history tours, kids’ activities, food trucks, offers a flea market and much more.

Events and sights are distributed across the city. The Apollo Plaza along First Street will be the venue for vendors, handicrafts, and a flea market.

The event was launched to kick off the season for the district’s successful Wheel Good Wednesdays on May 5th with a confab of food trucks running on Wednesdays from 5pm to 8pm on Wednesdays in the old Stanford parking lot in Clifford Avenue are parked.

“If the Covid-19 pandemic has a silver lining, it would be the success of Wheel Good Wednesday,” said Apollo Councilor Jen Mullins, who coordinated last year’s food truck meeting and other events.

Mullins and its residents formed a community group called the Apollo Events Committee, which May Daze hatched.

“What began as ‘Let’s do yard sales and Let’s have salespeople’ now encompasses corporations, churches and others,” she said. “In the past two months, the idea has grown into the most comprehensive city-wide event we’ve had in years.

“This was a thriving city with many happenings and I saw it go downhill. But we’re putting Apollo back on the map. ”

The Apollo Area Historical Society has also worked on events to create buzz and public recognition for its work in preserving the city’s history.

For May Daze, the company’s vice president Sue Ott developed a Google-based map showing the locations of 24-yard sales with an overlay that offers a self-guided history tour.

This map includes 13 stops at the city’s historic sites such as Millionaires Row, a bank of houses on Terrace Avenue that belonged to General Samuel Jackson, the family of journalist Nellie Bly, and others.

Printouts of the maps and Apollo May Daze will be available at the Apollo Area Historical Society Museum in the WCTU building at 317 N. Second St. during the celebrations.

The Google Map also provides information on other Owen’s Grove events for May Daze, including a ‘Kidz Zone’ with a diving board, rock climbing wall, and more.

The Apollo Gathering of God will hold an interfaith service in the Owens Grove Pavilion on Sunday from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM. The Apollo Library has book sales and more. Other District Churches also sponsor events.

The Apollo-Ridge Education Foundation will launch their stormwater drainage project and interactive exhibits at Owens Grove.

Ott, one of the organizers of the celebration this weekend, said she was excited.

“We’re so excited that people are reacting.”

It’s also exciting to put the city’s history in the spotlight, she said.

“People are not aware of the full story that Apollo has. The walking map allows people to see some of the historical sites. ”

Mullins is pleased that the committee created an event that they didn’t have to spend money to see through.

“Community groups and others have stepped up and told us that they want to be part of it.”

Mary Ann Thomas is a contributor to Tribune Review. You can contact Mary at 724-226-4691,, or on Twitter.