I&FC site clearance works wasteful of Rs.367 billion: CAG

Weighbridge test kits are now scrapping and causing financial losses

Jammu Tawi, April 5th: The Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India announced that the Legal Metrology Department has failed to hire drivers and trained personnel to operate mobile cranes using weighbridge test kits provided by the Government of India (GoI) for one Amount of 1.18 billion rupees are endowed.

The CAG noted in its report that the underutilized mobile cranes failed to serve the intended purpose of modernizing and redesigning the manual practice of calibration / verification of weighing platforms.

The report states that the Government of India is sending two mobile cranes with scale test kits to the Legal Metrology Department for an amount of Rs.118 billion (December 2008 and March 2012) as part of the “Strengthening Infrastructure for Weights and Measures” program who delivered the government of Jammu and Kashmir (GoJ & K).

“The assistant controller, Legal Metrology, Jammu, predicted (March 2009) a minimum turnover of 10 lakh per year with these mobile test kits,” it said.

The CAG said the J & K government (Nov. 2011) set 2,000 as the usage fee for using the test weight-loaded mobile kit to check weighbridges installed across the state.

The review (June 2018) of the records showed that a mobile crane received in December 2008 could only be put into operation in May 2010 due to the unavailability of the driver / operator and the required means for maintenance.

The CAG announced that it was subsequently put into operation for only seven months from May 2010 to November 2010, using a driver on deputation from the Jammu and Kashmir State Road Transport Corporation (JKSRTC).

“Only 11 weighing platforms were verified during this period,” the report said. “This mobile crane had been in the field since November 2010 due to a lack of funds and was parked on the premises of a private industry in the industrial area of ​​Kathua. The rear tires of the mobile crane were stolen (January 2011), for which the first information report was submitted to the police. “

The report later states that the Joint Controller, Legal Metrology, Jammu (August 2012), Director, Legal Metrology, GoI, New Delhi, requested the withdrawal of this vehicle as it could not be used optimally in the alleys due to its size and side tracks from Jammu industrial facilities.

“A second mobile crane was received by GoI in March 2012 and was not put into operation until February 2015 to June 2018 after internal arrangements for a driver were made,” the report says.

This second mobile crane has also no longer been functional since July 2018 due to the unavailability of a driver.

“In response, the assistant inspector, Legal Metrology Jammu (July 2020) stated that during the 2009-18 period, 887 weighbridges were inspected / re-inspected by the department for which an amount of Rs 17.74 lakh was reclaimed,” according to the CAG Es it was also stated that according to the logbook only 171 weighing platforms were verified / re-verified using the test kit provided and the remaining 716 weighing platforms were passed without the use of test kits.

The CAG said that therefore the Rs 3.42 lakh user fee was reclaimed only through the use of mobile testing kits.

As the department failed to engage drivers / trained personnel to ensure effective use and maintenance for the functioning of these cranes, these Rs.118 billion mobile cranes have remained idle, according to the CAG.

As stated in their own response, the department was only able to recover the usage fee of 17.74 lakh between 2009 and 18, which was far less than the estimated 90 lakh usage fee collection (March 2009) by Assistant Controller, Legal Metrology, Jammu using mobile test kits.

As a result, the department has not been able to modernize and transform the manual practice of calibration / verification of weighbridges that has failed to minimize the human interface, the report says.

“When the matter was referred to the department (May 2020), Deputy Legal Metrology Supervisor Jammu prepared a full factual report (July 2020) at the direction of the Administration Department confirming that the available drivers and staff were not used to it Get the mobile test kits ready for operation, ”says the CAG report.

The report said the kits have now become junk as they no longer meet new standards for commercial vehicle registration and the department has not been getting back the projected revenue (usage fee) of Rs 10 lakh since it was received in 2008 could.

“Jammu and Kashmir, Controllers Legal Metrology, stated in their response (August 2020) that the vehicle has not been registered with the transportation department, nor have any efforts been made to do so,” it said.

The report also states that the department failed to engage drivers / trained personnel to ensure effective use and maintenance for the functioning of these cranes, while those mobile cranes, which were earmarked for 1.18 rupees, remained idle are.

“In addition, the goal of modernizing and transforming the manual practice of calibration / verification of weighing platforms has not been achieved,” the report said.