Liebherr’s new LR 1700-1.0 crawler crane with lattice boom offers a load capacity of 770 USt and a reach of roughly the same footprint as the company’s LR 1600/2 with 660 USt.

The capabilities of the new LR 1700-1.0 replace both the popular Liebherr LR 1600/2 and the next larger model, the 825-USt LR 1750/2.

The LR 1600/2 has been in production for 12 years and the LR 1750/2 has been an integral part of the Liebherr product line for almost 20 years.

Liebherr plans to start delivering the first units of the LR 1700-1.0 in the middle of this year, around the same time that the last units of the LR 1600/2 are being delivered.

The new LR 1700-1.0 combines the economical transport of crawler cranes with 660 USt with the performance of 825 USt systems. It also contains all the innovations that have been introduced on Liebherr crawler cranes in recent years.

Easy transportation

Liebherr designed the LR 1700-1.0 based on the dimensions of the LR 1600/2. The general tracking of the new crane is slightly larger at 28’6 “and the crawlers are slightly longer at 37’3”.

With the optional quick connection system, the rotary platform of the LR 1700-1.0 (without SA frame and winches) can be transported with approx. 46.2 USt.

Each crawler frame weighs 47 USt, complete with 4-speed drives and 6’6 ”wide crawler pads.

The component width also affects the transport costs, so that all shipping modules for the basic LR 1700-1.0, including the swivel section, are no wider than 9’10 ”.

Only the H-grid sections of the main boom are wider and can be used to transport smaller boom sections to reduce the number of trucks. For customers in countries where the transport width may not exceed 3 m, Liebherr can supply the boom with all sections with a width of less than 3 m.

To help the owners of the LR 1600/2, many components of this previous crane can also be used for the new LR 1700-1.0. This includes the S-sections of the main boom, luffing boom, 660 USt boom head, multiple winches, hook blocks, ballast plates, and the runner.

Top performance

The new 770-USt LR 1700-1.0 offers 10% to 15% more load capacity than the existing 660-USt LR 1600/2. The 3.5 m wide H-lattice sections on the bottom of the main boom LR 1700-1.0 significantly improve the lateral stability of the entire system.

This makes the new LR 1700-1.0 the new benchmark in the 660 to 825 USt class for lattice boom cranes. It can lift boom-boom combinations that reach up to 649 ‘(334’7 ”boom + 314’11” luffing boom). The maximum length on the main boom only is 531’6 ”.

For the erection of wind turbines, the LR 1700-1.0 with additional H-sections can have a main boom of up to 541’4 inches. A fixed boom up to 49 ‘2’ ‘in length is attached to the top of this boom. The load capacity of the new crane in this area corresponds to that of the LR 1750/2 with the SX boom system.

Minimizing crawler wear is becoming more and more important for overhead traveling cranes, especially when working on wind farms. Liebherr engineers have met this need by making the track structures stronger and using larger rollers. The 4-way travel drive is standard on the LR 1700-1.0.

A Liebherr six-cylinder diesel engine with 544 hp drives the LR 1700-1.0. It can be configured to meet either the new European Stage V emissions directive or regulations for other countries, e.g. B. the US-American Tier 4 Final requirements of the EPA, or the Stage IIIA for countries with lower regulation.

The latest derrick system, modular ballast trailer

The V-frame and VarioTray have more than proven themselves on the LR 1800-1.0 and LR 11000 crawler cranes. That is why Liebherr also uses them in the LR 1700-1.0. VarioTray is a small ballast pallet that can be removed quickly and easily if no additional ballast is required. The design avoids the time-consuming stacking and unstacking of ballast plates.

The V-frame ballast system is a hydraulically adjustable folding frame with which the operator can continuously adjust the ballast radius between 42’8 ”and 68’11”. A rigid ballast management system is therefore no longer required for large radii.

Liebherr’s latest innovation for auxiliary ballast – the modular “M-Wagon ballast trailer – can be used with the new LR 1700-1.0 as well as the LR 1800-1.0 and the LR 11000 crawler cranes. Since ballast trailers are usually used very rarely, the use of the M-Wagon enables considerable savings in several models.

The LICCON2 control system takes over the sensitive control for circling, towing and parallel movements of the ballast wagon. It also offers advanced setup options and monitored assembly for the LR 1700-1.0.