The tower crane manufacturer Wolffkran Schweiz AG (Wolffkran) held the groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of its new headquarters.

The 18,000 m² site in Elsau, Switzerland, is due to be completed in May 2021 and includes an office and workshop building as well as an external warehouse.

The planning for the new location has been running since November 2019. The construction comprises a 1,500 m² building with one underground and two above-ground floors, in which offices and a workshop for the maintenance of the rental crane fleet as well as the entire building will be housed, infrastructure of the outer courtyard and of the storage area.

The new building will have a modern steel structure with a view of the street and green areas will be integrated into the outdoor storage area.

Wolffkran Schweiz AG has been based in Da¨llikon in the Swiss canton of Zurich for 19 years, but has decided to relocate its headquarters 40 km further east to Elsau not far from Winterthur. The decision to move was made due to the expiring lease for the premises in Daëllikon.

Rolf Mathys, MD von Wolffkran, Jasper Schiefer, a member of the Wolffkran family, and Jürg Frutiger, President of the municipality of Elsau, took part in the groundbreaking celebrations. Other participants were representatives of the construction companies Stutz AG and Marti AG as well as architects from MGH, who will carry out and manage the construction work.

“We are looking forward to a new, ultra-modern headquarters from which we can offer our customers in German-speaking countries the best possible crane maintenance and planning,” said Mathys. “The new outer courtyard enables more efficient storage solutions that offer our customers and their construction projects even more convenience and planning security.”

From left to right: Max Ricci, Richard Mader (both Marti AG, Zurich), Dominic Bosshard, Simone Rampa (both mgh Architects), Rolf Mathys, MD Wolffkran Schweiz AG, Jasper Schiefer, member of the Wolffkran owner family, Ju¨ rg Frutiger , President of the municipality of Elsau, Rudi Prantel, Christof Stu¨bi (both Stutz AG, Winterthur)