In Gubio, Borno state, numerous Boko Haram ISWAP terrorists were eliminated while their gun wagons were destroyed in a well-coordinated joint operation by the air force and ground forces.

A military intelligence source revealed that at least four criminal elements’ cannon trucks were destroyed by air strikes by a Nigerian Air Force (NAF) alpha jet while ground forces pursued and eliminated fleeing terrorists.

The insurgents were killed Monday after being hit by a military jet designed to provide close support to Gubio ground forces.
The intelligence source added that Gubio’s ground forces initially faced the invading terrorists when the NAF jet was ordered to advance to the Gubio Axis on another mission.

“When the NAF Alpha Jet spotted the Boko Haram ISWAP fighters fleeing to Damasak in four-gun trucks, it blew up their convoy and then immobilized the occupants.
“After the air strikes, some terrorists who tried to flee on foot were neutralized by ground forces.

“Aside from the wrecked arms trucks, items recovered by the terrorists included refined weapons, ammunition, fragmentation jackets, canisters, bags of Indian hemp, pills for sexual enhancement and an exercise book with Arabic texts for making bombs,” the source said.

Following reports of terrorist movements within Sambisa of Parisu through Njimiya axes, another rapidly disrupted military attack jet intercepted the Boko Haram ISWAP elements in one location and neutralized them in multiple air strikes.