The monsters are moving back to town and two things are certain: it will be loud and there will be slaughter.

The Superdome will be full of mess and mayhem on July 31st at 7 p.m. when Monster Jam makes its action-packed return. Twelve trucks, each weighing 12,000 pounds and powered by 1,500 horsepower engines, will compete for the honor in three categories: Freestyle, Skill Challenges and Racing, as well as the ultimate title of event champion.

Among the drivers will be Bryce Kenny, known as the “Mohawk Warrior” because not only he, but also his truck carries a Mohawk. Kenny has been a Monster Jam driver since 2016 and found his way into the Guinness Book of Records in June 2020 for achieving the fastest speed ever recorded in a monster truck: 100.31 mph.

“That was on a straight in Bradenton, Florida,” said Kenny, a former Top Fuel drag racer. “It was crazy because no one had ever pushed a monster truck into the three-digit range and we didn’t know what was going to happen. The truck vibrated so hard that I didn’t know if it would vibrate apart on its own. It was just as exciting as driving 300 km / h in a drag race. “

Monster Jam goers won’t quite see this level of speed on the show, however.

“We’re going over 70 mph for the show, but you’re going to see a lot of other action,” said Kenny.

Participants will witness jumps that defy gravity from up to 9 meters in the air, as well as monster trucks that do backflips, and a special audience favorite that Kenny likes to perform.

“The Skills Challenge is my favorite because basically every driver has two tries to do whatever he can to excite the crowd,” he said. “We’re talking about two wheels, one wheel, whatever. I do something we call ‘The Moonwalk’ where I kick up the back of the truck and balance it for about 20 seconds before going backwards. Such physically challenging feats always excite the crowd. “

Kayla Blood, one of 15 women in Monster Jam’s 90-driver lineup, is the Louisiana local to cheer for. Blood, a former member of the Louisiana National Guard, will drive the camouflaged Soldier of Fortune truck.

Blood comes from Pineville and grew up on three- and four-wheelers and a running track. Her background also includes a couple of years of mixed martial arts fighting where she met her husband and fellow Monster Jam driver, Blake Granger.

“He was a 4 wheel motocross racer and got me into racing,” said Blood. “Actually, this is my first time back in New Orleans since 2015, when Blake and I drove a Monster Jam quad race as part of the break entertainment. After that race, Monster Jam turned to me to be a driver, so New Orleans has a special place in my heart. I’m excited to be back at the Dome, this time as a Monster Jam driver, and to make Louisiana proud. “

Fans also have the opportunity to vote for each of their favorites via their smartphones – including the 12-time Monster Jam World Finals champion Tom Meents or the long-running Grave Digger. The winners of the skills challenge and the freestyle competitions are determined through real-time fan voting in the stadium.

Fast Metal 20_01 IND.jpg

Blood said that while Monster Jam has always been popular with kids, the event draws a wide range of people.

“You see loads of little girls, not just boys, which is great, and you see older parents, groups of men and groups of women just having a good time,” she said. “It’s really only for anyone who wants to see something really unique that they can’t see anywhere else.”

And this unique experience definitely includes the crashing of monster trucks.

“We know the fans love to see these trucks being pushed to their limits, and that includes seeing some incredible crashes,” said Kenny. “We don’t plan for them to happen, but they always do, and I admit we as drivers enjoy them too.”

According to current Superdome guidelines, face covering is mandatory for fans and staff and must be worn at all times (except when eating or drinking). Concessions accept credit or debit cards, but not cash.


WHERE: Superdome

WHEN: 7 p.m. July 31

TICKETS: required for people over 2 years of age. Start at $ 20.

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