TORONTO, February 3, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Modaxo Inc. (“Modaxo”), a global collective of technology companies focused on delivering advanced software and solutions to keep the people of the world moving, today announced that it that it has expanded its investments in the rail sector through the acquisition of TTG Transportation Technology (“TTG”). TTG is based in Sydney (Australia) and Stirling (Great Britain) and has been a market-leading provider of advisory systems for connected drivers for the global rail industry since 2007.

TTG’s driver advice system was specially developed for the special requirements of the rail industry and works with real-time traffic scenarios to help rail operators optimize energy efficiency, timetables, network capacity and maintenance costs. In simple terms, TTG provides precise information to tell drivers when to increase speed, brake or idle to reduce CO2 emissions and control on-time operation.

TTG solutions are now in operation on four continents with an installation base of over 8,000 fixed and portable units worldwide in passenger, freight and heavy-duty trains, diesel and electricity ranging from 22,000 tons and 2.5 km long heavy loads up to 320 km / h Speed ​​trains.

“Modaxo is an ideal cultural and technological addition to TTG as both groups are passionate about the important role technology plays in the safe and efficient operation of rail transport,” said Dale Coleman, founder and owner of TTG. “Joining a large, stable and successful global organization like Modaxo is a big step for TTG. Modaxo offers us new opportunities and the opportunity to further develop our employees and our rail technology products. “

“We are excited to add TTG to our rail offering and to welcome Dale and the team to Modaxo,” said Bill Delaney, CEO of Modaxo. “Along with our other rail companies, we have a tremendous opportunity to work together and build a bright future for rail travel and sustainable mobility around the world.”

TTG’s solutions will become part of Modaxo’s entire rail solution portfolio offered by Signature Rail, Trapeze Group and Binary Systems.

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