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On May 2, 2021, around 7:00 a.m. near Billericay, the operator of a mobile rail vehicle (RRV) suffered injuries when the basket of the MEWP they were traveling in was hit by the boom of a 360o crane RRV driving behind it was.

The operator was trapped and had to be rescued by emergency services, potentially suffering life-changing injuries. The controller was unharmed.

The operator and the controller in the cabin of the crane RRV were both unharmed.

The collision occurred when the vehicles drove to their off-lane location within a technical construction site. The incident is currently being investigated by the prime contractor, the Ral Accident Investigation Branch (RAIB) and the Rail & Road Office (ORR).

Questions examined include whether precautions have been taken to maintain adequate braking distances between RRVs while driving, the monitoring of these precautions, and how safe driving speeds are determined and communicated.

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