SCOTTSDALE, Arizona – U.S. trucking and transportation companies can access on-demand virtual health care through a new partnership between national telehealth provider MeMD and the Healthy Transportation Foundation (HTF), a foundation that supports the health and wellbeing of professional truck drivers access.

The partnership, which is part of HTF’s Shift Into Better Health initiative, enables the foundation’s member companies to sign up for telehealth solutions that meet the specific needs of drivers, including emergency care and MeMD’s virtual basic care.

“This is a meaningful partnership that adds value to our Shift Into Better Health campaign and enables HTF to improve access to care for professional drivers by providing virtual telemedicine consultations that can be accessed on the go “said Jon Slaughter, CEO of HTF.

The emergency program gives drivers 24/7 access to medical care for common illnesses and injuries via computer, mobile app or phone, including nights, weekends and holidays.

“What we’ve learned from working with transportation companies is that drivers’ schedules make it difficult for them to see a doctor when they’re sick or injured,” said Bill Goodwin, CEO of MeMD. “This leads to a lot of absenteeism, which leads to planning problems and delivery delays – especially for smaller companies. Thanks to virtual emergency care, drivers can quickly and easily connect to a medical service provider on the road, even in remote areas. “

By creating this partnership, HTF hopes to make chronic disease management a priority for truck drivers. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report that chronic illness is the main driver of health care costs for businesses. According to HTF, over 60% of drivers are obese, over 60% have diabetes and related health conditions, and over half have high blood pressure.

MeMD’s virtual primary care solution seeks to address these issues. Providers play a key role in chronic disease care while focusing on routine checkups, early detection and health care. In addition, medical professionals are available outside of normal office hours to meet drivers’ schedules and remove obstacles to care.

“This translates into better chronic disease management while lowering healthcare costs,” said Slaughter. “As a result, we expect a contribution to improving individual health, productivity and employee satisfaction. MeMD is an ideal addition to our free health coaching and lifestyle change programs. “