• Neeb, based in Wuppertal, Germany, has added three new Grove rough-terrain cranes to its corporate fleet: a GMK3060L, a GMK4100L-1 and a GMK6300L-1.

  • The trio of Grove cranes cover a wide range of applications, so Neeb can react flexibly to customer needs.

  • Neeb chose Grove because of its high quality and reliability standards and the strong capacity of the cranes.

The employees of the German company Neeb were delighted about three new Grove rough-terrain cranes at the handover at the Manitowoc plant in Wilhelmshaven in November 2020. The family company from Wuppertal decided to expand its company with the GMK3060L, GMK4100L-1 and GMK6300L-1 fleet.

‘We received a GMK5150L almost a year ago and were very pleased with this strong and reliable crane. That was one of the reasons we decided to buy Grove All-Terrains again, ”said the proud new owner of the Grove trio Armin Neeb. “The high lifting capacity and excellent off-road capabilities of Grove cranes will enable us to better serve our customers’ needs going forward.”

By doing GMK3060L Neeb received a compact three-axis machine. With a main boom length of 48 m and a width of only 2.55 m, the taxi crane is a benchmark for compactness and performance in its class. Similarly, the GMK3060L is an asset to day-to-day operations with its high-performance boom and exceptionally large storage space. When the boom is fully extended, it can lift an impressive 6.6 t. And at 8.67 m, the girder is almost as compact as that of a two-axle crane.

‘The GMK3060L currently offers the best crane concept in the 60 t class. The long boom with a very small boom overhang in combination with the compact design and the strong load diagrams is unique, ”explained Neeb.

Flexibility and profitability

The GMK4100L-1 is the second new Grove rough-terrain crane in the company’s fleet. With a load capacity of 100 t and a main boom of 60 m, the four-axle machine has impressive performance features. The crane offers space for up to 6.7 t counterweight in a taxi configuration and offers the best load diagrams in its class. The remaining counterweight, including support cushions and accessories, can be transported with just a standard semi-trailer.

The GMK4100L-1 drove from Wilhelmshaven directly to a construction site in Wuppertal, where the crane, equipped with a 26.2 t counterweight, had to work on a very narrow construction site under a motorway bridge. Thanks to the user-friendly Manitowoc CCS (Crane Control System), this demanding first task was very easy. Manitowoc Crane Care staff were also available to answer any questions from the crane operator.
‘The GMK4100L-1 has an impressively long, strong boom that can be used for a variety of tasks, making it the most compact taxi crane ever. The crane can even travel with a counterweight of 19.9 t in widths of 2.55 m, which is extremely important when carrying out work in industrial plants, ”said Neeb.

The GMK6300L-1 completes the trio of new Grove rough-terrain cranes for Neeb. With an 80 m long main boom and an optional boom extension of up to 37 m, the six-axis crane can reach a maximum height of 120 m while still lifting 2.1 t. The GMK6300L-1 also has a load capacity of 300 t and can lift up to 14 t with full boom length within a working radius of 14-28 m.

Crane rental companies often face challenges when transporting cranes. In Germany, for example, bridges increasingly have load restrictions, so the total weight of the mobile crane plays a decisive role when planning the journey to the location. Neeb’s GMK6300L-1 has a boom removal kit for more flexibility without a boom and with less total weight. The dismantling and assembly of the boom is quick and easy, and without the main boom, the crane with a total weight of less than 51 t can travel on the road.

After the handover in Wilhelmshaven, the GMK6300L-1 drove to a lime works, where Neeb operator Ingo Klees used it to dismantle a tower crane. On the way there, the crane made a short stop at a wind company to dismantle a crawler crane.

“The right people on the right machines – that’s how every job at Neeb runs like clockwork,” said Klees.

When the three cranes were handed over in Wilhelmshaven, Jonathan Reckers, Area Sales Manager at Manitowoc dealer KranAgentur Werner, thanked the Neeb team for their cooperation.

“I wish the team a lot of fun with their three new Grove rough-terrain cranes and I believe they will prove to be an integral part of the company’s fleet,” he said.

The German company Neeb was founded in 1961 by Gustav Adolf Neeb and operates throughout Europe and specializes in transport, logistics, structural surveying projects, and towing and recovery services. From its headquarters in Wuppertal and with the support of partners in Spain, Romania and Canada, the company can meet the international requirements of its customers.

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