Heavy lift specialist Mammoet has provided a number of unique crane services to support the planned maintenance of a high priority hydrogen facility in northern Alberta, Canada.

The complex project included the use of multiple cranes to minimize downtime at the facility and advanced equality practices thanks to a women-led project team.

“The Fort McMurray team deployed approximately six cranes ranging in size from an 18-tonne deck to a 385-tonne crawler crane,” commented one project team member.

Sea of ​​red booms

The project required a large number of hoists, with the Mammoet team supplying a variety of crane types including several Rough Terrain (RT) and All Terrain (AT) cranes.

“In the middle of the” sea of ​​red jibs “stood a huge LR 1350 crawler crane with a luffing jib that proudly rose above the rest,” said a spokesman for Mammoet.

Mammoet is headquartered in Schiedam, the Netherlands, and offers a range of services from transport and logistics planning to heavy lift and crane rental. The company is a global event partner for break bulk exhibitions.

Female crew

The maintenance order was also remarkable due to the presence of no fewer than five female Mammoet employees on the project. That crew included Marley MacNeil, operator of the giant Mammoet LR 1350 crane that was used to position the key components of the upgrade.

“Ten years ago it would never have happened to have five female employees at a standstill,” says Marley MacNeil, crane operator on the project, adding that her work with the LR 1350 was “a high point of my career”!

The company’s longstanding support for women in the breakbulk industry is part of a broader strategy to advance women’s careers. The company’s Mammoet Canada Western division is a sponsor of the Women Building Futures program and has provided support for over 8 years.

“The program opens up many opportunities for a population who otherwise would not have considered a career in the craft, and provides the tools and resources necessary to succeed,” said a spokesman for Mammoet.

Women Building Futures was founded in 1998 and offers women vocational training with extensive experience in hiring women in heavy industry with a constant placement rate of 90 percent.
Regarding the opportunity to learn about the LR 1350 and grow within the company, MacNeil expressed her desire to continue “to learn more about cranes that I have not had much experience with, to expand my knowledge of all Mammoet cranes and mine Refine specialist knowledge ”. . “

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