ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: “Innovation End User”


The European Union for Abnormal Road Transport and Mobile Cranes hosted a free virtual event on April 22nd highlighting prestigious achievements from across the industry and highlighting some of the key factors influencing the crane and specialty transport sectors.

During the award ceremony, Mammoet received three awards – Combined Techniques, Telescopic Lifting Capacity of Cranes (> 120 tons) and the End User Innovation Award. The awards were given to Mammoet because of its innovative solutions, project execution and new and outstanding equipment in compliance with strict guidelines and compliance with safety standards.

Award for combined techniques

ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: “Combined Techniques”mammothThe first award of the day was the Combined Techniques Award, which Mammoet received for the expansion of three steam generators and a pressurizer from a decommissioned nuclear power plant in Germany.

Throughout the project, Mammoet and his team had to adhere to strict restrictions that were put in place to protect the team at the nuclear facility. The solution – DHS-500 special lifting system that removes components in the safest way without delays.

Cranes telescopic load capacity> 120 tons Award

The afternoon continued pleasantly for Mammoet when Mammoet received the second award of the day in the category of cranes telescopic lifting capacity> 120 tons.ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: 'Cranes telescopic lifting force> 120t'”/><span class=ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: ‘Cranes telescopic lifting force> 120t’mammoth

ESTA awarded this award to Mammoet based on the project completed in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The project consisted of lifting a steel bridge with two telescopic cranes – the Terex-Demag AC700 and a Liebherr LTM 1750 – in a tandem lift.

This solution enabled Mammoet to work on a crowded construction site and reduced the time required for mobilization and demobilization.

Finally, Mammoet used a third crane, another Terex-Demag AC700, to safely lift and install the bridge.

Innovation award for end users

To complete Mammoet’s “hat trick”, the company received the last award of the day, the Innovation End User Award. Mammoet received this award for the innovative development of the FOCUS30 crane.

The new crane is a high-performance girder crane that is positioned in the 2,500-tonne class. It can be mounted vertically, an advantage in project areas with infrastructure and space restrictions.

The FOCUS30 crane is a combination of capacity, versatility and reach that requires minimal space for assembly – an invention recognized as an award-winning by ESTA.ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: ESTA Award of Excellence 2021: “Innovation End User”mammoth

The information is provided by Mammoet and processed by Chantal Zimmermann