On the day of the symbolic handover Christoph Rieß (Hüffermann), Alexander Beck (Liebherr in Biberach), Daniel Janssen (Hüffermann), Stefan Westermann (Liebherr in Dortmund) and Rupert Wieser (Liebherr in Biberach).

Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH took the company’s next big step – a completely new rental fleet of tower cranes. To consolidate and acknowledge the purchase from Liebherr, a symbolic handover took place during a visit to the Liebherr production facility in Biberach.

The purchase comprised 70 tower cranes, including the L1-32 and various K-series cranes as well as the 370 EC-B 12 Fiber. For Hüffermann, this is only the first step, who intends to purchase additional tower cranes in 2022.

Daniel Janssen, Managing Director of Hüffermann Krandienst GmbH: “We have always been more than satisfied and already know that we will increase the order to 250 cranes.”

The first cranes are currently in use with the other cranes in the fleet, which should be ready for use by the end of the year.

Information from Liebherr and published by Chantal Zimmermann.