Work has started on the new £ 5.7 million surgical theater at Nuneaton Hospital.

A giant green crane was discovered on the grounds of the George Eliot Hospital.

It was announced that its appearance marks the beginning of work to create two new permanent theaters that will replace a temporary mobile theater.

Construction work should begin at the end of March, with a view to the two new operating theaters, which should be open until summer.

You will be stationed near the Captain Sir Tom Moore unit, a special 30-bed salvage unit.

As we previously reported, the new theaters are designed to help the hospital clear the backlog on the surgical waiting list.

The work should be completed by the summer

The Eliot, like so many other hospitals across the country, has postponed some of its non-essential operations due to the pandemic.

At the time of the announcement, David Eltringham, Managing Director of Eliot stated, “By doubling the theater capacity in the Capt. Tom Moore unit, more locals can be treated in a separate, planned care unit on the premises – an important safety factor as we covid 19 in 2021, “he said.

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“Waiting lists have built up during the Covid-19 pandemic and we know the impact this has had on many patients and their families. Our new theaters will play a huge role in reducing the backlog by bringing in as many patients as possible as quickly as possible Treated as possible The new theaters also mean we can convert an existing theater in the main area of ​​the site into a second emergency theater – which increases our preparedness and improves our care for people who need urgent treatment.

“This latest addition is part of a continuous improvement journey at George Eliot Hospital. It is particularly gratifying to announce these plans at an extremely challenging time for our staff and the patients we care for.”

The hospital will recruit more medical and theater support staff to work on-site, including anesthetists, surgical department practitioners, and nurses.

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