After a year marked by the impact of COVID-19 on new construction and infrastructure projects, the crane industry continues to see the impact of the pandemic as its biggest short-term challenge. However, according to a recent survey of 150+ crane professionals conducted by ProSight Specialty Insurance, the crane industry is at greater risk that could affect its future.

When asked about the most serious safety risks in the industry, 27% of crane professionals named the lack of talent – especially among operators – as their top concern. Equipment problems (15%) and work accidents or negligence (13%) rounded off the three most important safety risks.

“The shortage of skilled talent is a serious problem as it poses obvious long-term safety and sustainability risks,” said Jake Morin, Construction Program Executive at ProSight. “Now is the time for the industry to take action in its talent pipeline.”

With over 20 years of construction insurance experience, Jake has seen the impact well-trained, experienced operators can have in reducing claims. Because of this, he is continuously advocating improved training and safety protocols for operators and other construction professionals. He sees this as an investment in the future that should be offset by additional recruiting efforts to attract the next generation of talented engineers to the industry.

“Operating a crane requires enormous mechanical skill and an understanding of numerous design principles,” explains Jake. “It can be an incredibly rewarding and enriching career path. We have to come together as an industry to find ways to convey this value to students and young professionals who would otherwise not embark on a construction career. “

With a proactive approach and extensive experience, Jake understands what it takes for crane companies to compete in a modern world – not just in terms of attracting skilled talent, but also in terms of providing the stable support that they need to thrive of the business is needed. Click here to see our full survey results and see how ProSight is committed to helping crane professionals today.