Konecranes has received an order from Tbhawt Manufacturing in Estonia for 17 S-series overhead traveling cranes and two CXTD rope hoist cranes. The order, which was booked in February 2021, reflects the growing popularity of Konecranes’ synthetic rope crane and demonstrates the company’s commitment to helping customers and industries grow and change so they can be more efficient, sustainable and safe.

Tbhawt Manufacturing produces environmentally friendly and affordable products, including wind turbines. Given the critical importance of precision in their work, the company turned to Konecranes S-Series cranes for their efficiency, speed, reliability and safety features. The total order of 19 cranes will be delivered in December 2021.

“The new cranes will help us to overcome the main production problems as the S-Series hoists have a steady and load-sensitive lifting speed thanks to the synthetic rope, which is exactly suitable for lifting parts,” said Tbhawt Production Manager, Grigory Levkovets .

The Konecranes S-Series synthetic rope makes it easy to carry loads and is safe to use as it is barbed-free and does not require lubrication, resulting in lower maintenance costs for the rope drum and pulleys. The carriage and sweeper arrangement reduces the wheel load by up to 45% compared to previous generations of hoists.

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