KenzFigee has received an order to replace the offshore deck crane on the wind installation vessel Wind Orca.

Cadeler placed this order with KenzFigee based on its decision to replace the current offshore deck crane on its O-class self-winding wind farm installation vessel in preparation for the changing demands of the offshore wind market, KenzFigee said.

KenzFigee will deliver the compact and robust, electro-hydraulically driven Ram Luffing crane with a lifting capacity of 25 tons for installation in late 2021.

After testing and commissioning, the Ram Luffing crane will be operational in early 2022 and ready for its first deployment aboard the ‘Wind Orca’ to further improve the ship’s versatility and efficiency.

The KenzFigee Ram Luffing crane is a box boom with an installed base of more than 50 cranes worldwide.

The limited number of moving parts makes this crane “extremely reliable and the ideal low-maintenance crane” for harsh offshore environments.

“KenzFigee is honored to have been selected by Cadeler to supply this crane on one of their O-Class ships and contributes to its strategic decision to consolidate its position as the main supplier to the offshore wind industry.

“We will support Cadeler on this project and beyond to ensure that this project is the first of many,” said Jan-Pieter Klaver, CEO of KenzFigee.