John Sutch Cranes, a mobile crane rental and contract lifting specialist based in Liverpool and Manchester, added a second Grove GMK5200-1 after the first model proved successful. The five-axle 200-tonne all-terrain crane turned out to be a good business decision due to its compact dimensions and interchangeable counterweight plates.

As part of the purchase, John Sutch Cranes announced that it would mortgage a portion of the GMK5200-1 rental sale to Christie Hospital, a vital care facility near the Manchester depot, for the next three years.

“The GMK5200-1 is a fantastic crane and it’s very versatile,” says Paul Parry, sales manager at John Sutch Cranes. “Thanks to its compact size, we can use it as a smaller crane instead of a 160-ton crane, for example, and make better use of it.

“In view of the workload, it made sense to add a second unit to our fleet. And we are very happy to be doing our part for Christies with this new crane. It’s a big crane that will be driving on the freeway to work around the country and so will be seen by a lot of people – and the Christies paint job looks absolutely gorgeous. “

In addition, the new GMK5200-1 will sport the Christies livery, which highlights The Christies’ day-to-day work – “Saving lives, breakthroughs, holding hands, wiping away tears, cheering up the mood, raising funds, ringing bells and defeating cancer”. Anna McIntosh, Major Relationship Development Manager at The Christie Charity, said.

This advertising opportunity is designed to increase awareness of the charity and its work. In addition, John Sutch Cranes encourages customers to make a donation to support the charity.

“Cancer affects almost everyone in some way, and Christie’s is very important to many of our John Sutch Cranes employees. As with many charities, usual income has been hit over the past year and we want to give a little back, ”Parry said.

Fittingly, the new GMK5200-1 all-terrain crane was first used at Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, with customer Clarke Energy also making a donation to The Christie Charity. The crane was commissioned to dismantle a combined heat and power unit (CHP).Manitowoc cranes

“The acceptance so far has been fantastic and we have a lot of bookings for the crane. There is no fixed amount that our customers would like to donate, but whatever they can contribute will be greatly appreciated and will make a real difference in the lives of the people in our community, ”concluded Parry.

Information from Manitowoc and edited by Chantal Zimmermann.